Thursday, June 12, 2008

“Wesak Mal Dansala” (Free distribution of Flowers at “Wesak” - 2008)

“Wesak is an important festival of the Buddhists in Sri Lanka. This co-memorative festival of Buddhism emphasizes the virtue of generosity as very meritorious. The pilgrims to temples on that day are provided freely food and drink. It is also customary to supply flowers for their offerings at the temples and shrines.

In the year 2008 – the festival of Wesak was observe on 19th May – Buddhist devotees visit temples to observe religious rites. The Temple of tooth is the main place of Buddhist Worship in Kandy.

‘SETIK” implemented a programme to provide free supply of flowers to the worshippers coming to the temple of the tooth. At the “SETIK” flower distribution stall flowers were distributed from 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. on 19th May. A very special feature of this programme was that about 8000 White Lotus flowers were freely distributed to about 3000 worshipper to offer during the main morning offerings.

This programme was made possible through the generosity of the “SETIK” together with the co-operation of animators and peoples’ leaders of village and plantations where “SETIK” programmes are implemented. Irrespective race and religions all participated to make this programme successful. The pilgrims to the Temple appreciated the service tendered generously by an inter-faith group of “SETIK” Organization. Through this programme a very valuable message of peace, harmony and brotherhood was given to all people on this important Buddhist festival.

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